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Coming after a (cough) much-discussed video warning other guitar builders of legal action in cases of copyright infringement and launching a law suit against Dean Guitars for copying its designs, Gibson has taken another step: The US maker has introduced a form on its website where people are encouraged to report instruments that may infringe on its copyrights.


The web page states:

This submission form is intended only for the reporting of suspected counterfeit items that may possibly infringe on Gibson’s registered trademarks …


Gibson advises all consumers to purchase new Gibson instruments, or any new instrument from Gibson’s family of brands, only from our network of authorized dealers.

We don’t know a whole lot yet about the new page yet. But it seems clear that Gibson is taking its efforts to suppress what it sees as counterfeiting of its designs to the next level. This is the first time we’ve heard of a manufacturer encouraging the public to report copyright infringement in this way, at least in the music instruments industry.

By the way, if you’re not sure what marks Gibson has trademarked or patented, their official list will enlighten you.

One thing seems unclear: Are people being encouraged to tell Gibson if they see counterfeit guitars bearing the Gibson moniker but manufactured elsewhere? Or are any designs reminiscent of classic Gibson guitars like the Les Paul, SG or ES-335 being targeted, too? The recent law suit against Dean Guitars for copyright infringement would strongly suggest that Gibson is on the warpath against anyone copying its designs in any way. Could this be a major shake-up in the guitar industry? What do you make of Gibson’s copyrights offensive? Let us know in the comments section below.


Gibson Play Authentic video featuring Mark Agnesi

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12 responses to “Gibson launches anti-counterfeiting website report form: Anything to declare?”

    murzenquest1 says:

    “Yes, I’d like to report these ‘Epiphone’ guitars”…
    They should probably sue the estate of Les Paul for copyright infringement too. Do they also have a form where I can narc on my neighbors?
    I’ll say it again, what a bunch of dickheads.

    Bob Evans says:

    What’s next?
    Gibson cops at venues checking “guitar papers”?
    I was hoping Gibson was turning a corner with new management.
    Bring Henry back..

    pfrf says:

    I went ahead and reported the last thirty-three years of Gibson guitars as being obvious counterfeits.

    PPan says:

    this site isn’t new – it actually does exist for a decade…

    nomaj says:

    “I’d like to report this Gibson Les Paul that I just bought. The fit and finish is so unbelievably shoddy. Therefore, it must be a fake!”

    “Also, I’d like to report this dirtbag ex-bandmate of mine who plays an ESP.”

    Richard says:

    I submitted this very famous one, with the comment: “You should thank him!”

    Name* says:

    Snitches get stiches

    William Paxson says:

    We Yanks have a saying: “…………………and the horse you rode in on.” (edited for family viewing)

    Keith says:

    So,……… Gibson is trying to recover from bad production decisions by suing other companies. Great! What’s next, is Ford motor company going to file lawsuits against other automakers for building anything that looks like a car.
    Get over yourself, and start building a better guitar that people want.
    Gibson = crap!

    Name* says:

    Who’s handling the forms? Mc Carthy ?

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