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Gibson 2019 lineup leaked

Gibson 2019 lineup leaked  ·  Source: Gibson


Gibson has somehow managed to leak its own 2019 line-up – on its own website. The details for most of next year’s models have all been listed over the weekend, and there are some pleasant surprises amongst the plethora of models.


Gibson 2019 leaked

The pictures of the Gibson USA 2019 lineup have appeared all over the company’s own website, the only thing missing is the price. Either that or they all cost exactly USD $5429 each! We reckon the prices are all just placeholders until official release details are uploaded to the page.

What I can tell you is that it would seem Henry and his team have actually listened to customers and given us a far more traditional, streamlined set of models for this coming year, which is great as that is what the majority of Gibson fans are looking for. If you do want something crazy and ‘out there’ use the Gibson Custom Shop!

Gibson 2019 models leaked

Gibson 2019 models leaked

Gibson 2019 models leaked

Gibson 2019 models leaked online including Flying V, Explorer and Les Pauls

2019 Lineup

The Les Paul is again available in “all” versions, so we can expect the following: Studio Tribute, Tribute, Studio, Classic, Standard, Traditional and High Performance. A Les Paul Junior Tribute DC will also be in Worn Cherry next year with a Maple neck, a P90 on the bridge, lonely volume and tone controls and a gig bag which would be seriously overpriced at $5249, so we will have to wait and see what it actually costs.

We can also see plenty of nice looking 2019 SG models including  Standard Tribute, Standard, Standard 61 and High Performance. Then we have Flying V and Explorer models, which are always a welcome addition in my book, as they are such cool, yet perfectly vintage styled instruments and it looks like we will get some korina models in amongst them as well. Again we are getting the Firebird models in “normal” and a tribute, both look pretty decent to me and I can see them being popular.

Memphis 2019

Not sure exactly how this series will come about, as we were under the impression that the plant at Memphis had been sold, yet there will be new models in 2019. Well then just not produced in the eponymous Memphis factory anymore I suppose?

We are waiting for an ‘official’ confirmation to confirm this. However, we have been informed unofficially that they are leasing the factory for the time being and then moving premises eventually.

All the semi ES-335 models come in the following variants: P-90, Dot, Figured; But also ES-325, ES-275 Thinline and ES-355 are there. Jazz and blues guitarists should be looking forward to a thin guitar with a great look, especially on the 275 Thinline.

I’m just happy that this once great American guitar builder is still going and that they appear to have seen sense and made what the fans actually want, good job Gibson!

More Information

Note: This post has been changed to reflect the fact that we are currently unsure if Gibson’s Memphis factory has, in fact, been sold. Previously, we stated that the factory had been sold.


4 responses to “Gibson 2019 models all leaked on its own website”

  1. Probably Gibson got tired of all noise by the “Gibson is bankrupt and going out of business” internet wags who can’t be bothered with even trying to understand the difference between a Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy and decided to “leak” this and basically say “Sorry to disappoint you guys, but we’re still going to be around and we’ll see you next year”.

    • Jef says:

      Let us hope so, Gibson’s financial problem isn’t what defines them and we all know when they build a great guitar it is something joyous to play. So hopefully this financial crisis ‘reality check’ will get them back on track and help them build some amazing guitars once more. No more massive portfolios of things they are poor at making/designing and just good quality craftsmanship, based on their great heritage and quality components.

  2. Really solid reporting here, the Memphis factory isn’t closed, its just moving and is currently fully operational. Its been sold and leased back for 2 years or until the move occurs.

    • Jef says:

      We were wondering and I was waiting for an official response from Gibson themselves, as currently they can neither ‘confirm or deny’ the new 2019 range for us (their words not mine). But, we did wonder how they were going to build the Memphis guitars, so thank you for the heads up.

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