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Gibson 2019 Collection revealed

Gibson 2019 Collection revealed  ·  Source: Gibson


Gibson has been teasing their customers with the ‘Be Ready’ campaign for a few weeks now. Today the new models for 2019 were finally announced. All 25 of them. Is 2019 the year that Gibson springs back into life and sheds its poor image?


Gibson 2019 Line-up

Gibson’s new CEO James ‘JC’ Curleigh has put a lot of effort into turning the once failing US guitar brand around. Today we see the culmination of all his hard work rebuilding the brand. We have 25 new guitars ready for release and all of them based on some classic guitars from the brand’s rich heritage. But will it be enough?

Out with the new and in with the old

Out are robot tuners, holograms on headstocks and dodgy Les Paul signatures. Gone are the ridiculously wide neck profiles, weird metal adjustable nuts and all the other strange gimmicks from the dreaded 2015 line-up. Hopefully, the Henry Juszkiewicz years are now all gone and we will never see that again.

Gibson 2019 '61 Sg with Maestro

Gibson 2019 ’61 Sg with Maestro. Part of their Golden Era? · Source: Gibson

25 for 2019

Moving forward to 2019 we have instead the following new models on offer – Les Paul Junior Tribute DC,  Les Paul Special Tribute DC, Les Paul Standard ’50s, Les Paul Standard ’60s, Les Paul Standard ’50s P90, Les Paul Studio, Les Paul Modern, Les Paul Special, Les Paul Junior,Les Paul Standard ’50s Gold Top, SG Standard, SG Standard ’61,SG Special, SG Modern, SG Standard Bass, SG Junior, SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola, SG Standard ’61 Sideways Vibrola, Thunderbird Bass, Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass, Flying V, Flying V B-2, Explorer, Explorer B-2 and a Firebird!

That’s a lot of new models! Dealers on both sides of the Atlantic have started to list them on their sites, so make sure you head over to the link below for all the official details on the new 2019 Gibson line-up.


NAMM 2019

We already saw these all back during Winter NAMM, so there are no real surprises.

The real deal here will be if the players like these new models. We all know what we like, but will this refreshed line-up be enough to persuade us to buy American? The specifications on all the models are very traditional and to my eye there is nothing that really makes any of the models stand out as must haves.

I think it will all be down to build quality, quality control and of course pricing. PRS, Suhr, Fender and many other guitar builders already have amazing reputations for quality control and build quality, so Gibson has some serious catching up to do. Ultimately, if these new models are well made and competitively priced then Gibson should do well and I look forward to hearing reviews from owners in the coming months on these new 2019 models.

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Gibson 2019 Collection revealed

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3 responses to “Gibson 2019 Lineup revealed at last – A return to quality and tradition?”

    tonyb says:

    Before you spend $2500.00 make sure you take off the pick guard and look for damage to the finish.quality control ? what a joke.

    William Paxson says:

    If all they did was to un-bollock up the Les Paul Standard I’ll be happy.

      Jef says:

      I’m with you on that William. Shouldn’t be that hard to build your own design after all these years.

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