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Postive Grid Bias FX LE Focusrite guitar plugin effect bundle

A (very) slim version of Bias FX Pro that costs you not a cent  ·  Source: Focusrite/Positive Grid

Focusrite marketing construct “Plug-In Collective” has announced yet another free plug-in set for November. This time it’s spewing out virtual copies of Positive Grid’s BIAS FX LE – for free. It’s a ‘lite’ version of Bias FX, which is a ‘lite’ version of Bias FX Professional. Included is a (small) selection of amps and stomp box models. Did we mention it’s for free?

The LE bundle has three amps: the ‘77 Silvertone (Clean), ‘69 Plexiglas (Crunch), and ‘92 Treadplate (High Gain) amplifiers. The first one is “insanely great sounding”, Focusrite/Positive Grid say. The following pedals are included: Treble Boost, 6-band EQ, an 808 OD overdrive, a chorus, a digital delay and a reverb. The reverb is a BOSS RV-3 knock off, while the 808 OD seems to be in the Tubescreamer vein.

If you have zero guitar FX on your system, and need a (very) cheap way of getting a few amps and effect models, this might be interesting for you. Otherwise, you’ll have very similar tools already. Owners of a Focusrite interface can grab this straight away. If you don’t, you have one to sign up for an account and give Focusrite and Positive Grid all your data.

The aim here, of course, from Positive Grid’s point of view, is to get you interested in not only the Bias FX package, but also their growing universe of hardware and software. Bias FX, for example, currently comes in two packages with different price tags and feature lists, the Bias FX ($99) and Bias FX Professional ($199).

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Find out more on the Plugin Collective page.


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