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Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 LE free download

Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 LE free download  ·  Source: Positive Grid

Positive Grid is giving everyone a free download of its Bias Amp 2 LE software bundle. The only caveat is that you need to do it by the 26 December. So, if you want to grab some free guitar effect software, you’d better get over there now. 

Positive Grid Bias 2 Amp LE

Positive Grid Bias Amp LE is a nice introduction to the company’s software amp modelling range. It includes a host of quality guitar amplifier models, cabinets and virtual microphones that have plenty of options to tweak. Plug your guitar into your Mac or PC and load up the Bias Amp LE package, which can run either standalone or as a plugin in your favourite DAW.

Positive Grid, of course, hope that you’ll upgrade your software to the full version via its website. The company also offers a Tone Cloud function for downloading new presets and adding to your amplifier range. It’s an extensive resource for anybody wanting to get good quality guitar recordings.

Positive Grid is being very generous this December, especially after their recent free download of Bias Modulation – and they are also offering 50% off many of their software bundles over the next 48 hours as well.

Follow my link below to get access to your free copy, but don’t take to wait too long!

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