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Antelope Audio New Plugins

Antelope Audio New Plugins  ·  Source:

Antelope Audio FET-A76

Antelope Audio FET-A76  ·  Source:

Antelope Audio VEQ-HLF

Antelope Audio VEQ-HLF  ·  Source:

Antelope Audio Helios-69

Antelope Audio Helios-69  ·  Source:

Antelope Audio NEU-PEV

Antelope Audio NEU-PEV  ·  Source:

Antelope Audio Lang-PEQ2

Antelope Audio Lang-PEQ2  ·  Source:


Antelope Audio are soon to release a free update for their Thunderbolt interfaces: Orion Studio, Zen Tour and Goliath. The update will include some new plugin emulations of classic hardware, including the world-famous 1176 FET compressor. The ‘FET-A76’, like all of their plugins, will offer near-zero latency for use when tracking or mixing and includes an ‘all-buttons in’ feature too. So if you were wondering which interface to go for, here’s something else to make the decision even harder!


Antelope Audio Plugin Emulations: FET-A76, VEQ-HLF, Helios 69, NEU-PEV and Lang PEQ2.

According to Antelope, these emulations are made possible my the power provided by the new FPGA technology found in their Thunderbolt interfaces. Any existing or new owners of Orion Studio, Zen Tour and Goliath interfaces will be able to update their hardware for free and get 5 new plugins. In my opinion, Antelope offer some of the highest-quality and feature-full interfaces available. This update simply adds another reason for new buyers to seriously consider them.

There will be the FET-A76, Antelope’s own take on the 1176 compressor and four new EQ plugins. The soon to be released EQ’s will include: VEQ-HLF Pultec style EQ, British sounding Helios 69 EQ, NEU-PEV a rare German EQ, and a solid-state style parametric EQ, the Lang PEQ2. These appear to be an excellent addition to what is already a very powerful series of interfaces which I very much look forward to trying.


It’s a slight shame that the original and very popular Zen interface by Antelope, isn’t included in these updates. I assume that this device doesn’t have the DSP power required any more, so perhaps it’s time to upgrade if you’re a Zen owner.

More Information

To see the official press release from Antelope Audio containing more information about each of these new plugins, visit their webpage. If you want to learn more about Antelope’s Thunderbolt interfaces, then you can read about them on their Professional Audio Equipment webpage.

The FET-A76, VEQ-HLF and Helios 69 will be available next week, the 15th of August. The NEU-PEV and Lang PEQ2 are apparently coming later this month.

Remember, these are free plugins that run on Antelope’s Orion Studio, Zen Tour and Goliath interfaces only – these are not AAX, VST or AU plugins.

Antelope Audio New Plugins

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