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AKAI MPC 2.10 Feature update

AKAI MPC 2.10 Feature update  ·  Source: AKAI


AKAI is rolling out a meaty feature update for its modern MPC grooveboxes (MPC One, MPC Live II, MPC X) and the MPC desktop software. Adding 14 AIR plugins, including on-device pitch correction (a first for grooveboxes), AKAI could easily ask for money for the MPC 2.10 update. But, instead, this one’s on the house! 


MPC 2.10 Feature update

A major highlight of the MPC 2.10 update is the AIR Vocal Suite – a dedicated set of vocal production plugins that’s available right from the MPC units. This includes the AIR Vocal Tuner which enables pitch correction along the Auto-Tune lines. No other groovebox does that at the moment and, I imagine, beatmakers will be thrilled. The line-up also includes AIR Vocal Doubler, which adds thickness and width, and the AIR Vocal Harmonizer that generates 4-part layered harmonies.

Not stopping there, MPC 2.10 brings four new plugin instruments. Coming from the AKAI Pro FORCE clip launcher, AIR Hype numbers over 1500 instrument sounds, including pianos and synths. AIR Mellotron and AIR Solina recreate vintage instruments with the built-in AIR Flavor effects panel present for adding lo-fi textures like radio/phone, distortion, tape flutter, and more. On the synth side, there’s the WayOutWare Odyssey to coax old ARP Odyssey sounds out of.


MPC 2.10 also adds 7 new Insert Effects plugins – Half Speed, Stutter, Diode Clipper, AIR Diffuser Delay, Granulator, Sample Delay and AIR Limiter – as well as 10 new Drum Pad effects.

Finally, the MPCs now connect with USB Class Compliant audio interfaces and support up to 32 audio inputs and 32 audio outputs. This makes it possible to record additional tracks and expand the machines’ outputs for use with outboard gear and other good stuff.

MPC 2.10 Feature update – Availability

MPC 2.10 is available from July 20, 2021 as a free update for MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC X, and MPC2 Desktop users.

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AKAI MPC 2.10 Feature update

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    Anthony says:

    Will the mpd218 get this too

    Timmy says:

    Can you use the new plug ins in standalone ? I rarely use my computer

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