Top 5 Synthesizers of 2017

24 Dec 2017 · Was 2017 a classic year for synthesizers? Which synths captured the imagination, the sonic excitement and hands-on controllability that make for an awesome creative sound machine? Here are my thoughts on that.
miniMO with MIDI

miniMO 8-bit synth becomes midiMO mini sequencer

22 Dec 2017 · The tiny 8-bit modular miniMO open source synthesizer now has an alternative MIDI Sequencer firmware. Add the MIDI Accessory Set and it becomes midiMO the world's smallest MIDI Step Sequencer.

Whatever happened to these synths from 2017?

21 Dec 2017 · What happened to those synths we got excited about earlier in the year that never appeared? I've dug around to see what's MIA and what might still be coming plus an update on those TR-808 Adidas Trainers.