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ELTA Music SOLAR 5 and JOI

ELTA Music SOLAR 5 and JOI  ·  Source: ELTA Music


ELTA Music is squeezing their SOLAR 50 drone synth into a 5 oscillator SOLAR 5 Eurorack module and has a Joystick Dual CV Fader module on the way.



ELTA Music announced these modules with only a front panel drawing and the words “Something new” so currently, details are a bit scarce. They say it’s a voice from the SOLAR 50 and they are calling it a “Drone Voice“. The layout reflects what you find in a single voice of the SOLAR 50. We can see 5 tunable oscillators with mute buttons and modulation controls. The patch points are all present, with attack and release controls and so are the oscillator status indicators and glowing orb.

The glowing orb is in fact a photo-sensitive detector that can be used for modulating the pitch of the oscillators by varying the light or shadow falling on it. Or at least it is on the SOLAR 50.

From elsewhere on the synth ELTA has pulled in a volume control and there’s a mysterious Voltage knob whose origin or purpose is unclear.

SOLAR 5 is all about drones so there’s no pitch or 1V/Oct input and it could make for a very interesting module to have in your rack.


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The JoyStick Dual CV Fader looks like it conjures up +-5V in response to the XY position although there are 4 knobs for controlling how that voltage is scaled. There’s an orange square that I’m unsure about but it’s bound to be something interesting.

On the left is what looks like a crossfader with a pair of outputs with attentuation knobs. Looks like a potentially useful module.


No news on how close these are to production or release or any pricing for that matter. So, we’re going to have to wait to see what happens.

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ELTA Music SOLAR 5 and JOI

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