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Elta Music Devices Console

Elta Music Devices Console  ·  Source: Elta Music Devices Console

Elta Music Devices Console effect

Elta Music Devices Console effect  ·  Source: Elta Music Devices Console

The new Elta Music Devices Console includes a lot of different effects in one pedal – OK, that’s not the new and interesting part. But this effects unit uses a unique a wacky cartridge system to reprogram the Console on the fly! 


Are you the sonic warrior type, looking for some new ways to get insane with guitar tones? The Console pedal by Elta Music Devices could be right up your dark, twisted and labyrinthine alley. It uses a cartridge – like the old video game consoles – to reprogram the pedal and generate the following ragtag bag of weirdness:

Cathedral – Reverb and space effects

Magic – Pitched delays

Time – Classic Mod delays

Vibrotrem – Modulation effects

Filter – Filter and Wah

Vibe – Rotary phase mods

Pitch Shifter – Octave and Pitch

Infinity – Big ambient effects

String Ringer – Audio rate modulation

Synthex-1 – Bass Synth


Now, with such a vast array of cool effects to choose from you may have to get as many cartridges as you can, but I think some of the fun will be the onboard joystick controller, with its X/Y axis control. It looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had tweaking the FX.

Elta Music Devices Cartridges for Console

Elta Music Devices Cartridges for Console


The individual cartridges come in at $20 each, with the two included with the Console when you buy it. This effect is as much about the enjoyment of tweaking as it is the sound and so I can see it appealing to any musicians that love to experiment. I’m really impressed by the whole ethos of it and look forward to hearing how creative players use this in their music.

RRP –  USD 250 incl. Cathedral and Magic cartridges. Individual Cartridges – USD 20 each

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