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ALM Tyso Daiko

ALM Tyso Daiko  ·  Source: Busycircuits


Two independently triggered wavetable voices that share pitch, envelope and morphing and then split one voice into a tilt EQ and the other through a wavefolder for maximum versatility.


Tyso Daiko

It sounds a bit complicated but in a very pleasing sort of way. You have 2 trigger inputs for exciting the 2 voices and 2 corresponding audio outputs. Trigger input 2 is normalled to the first input and so you can use a single trigger to run both voices if you wish. Both voices share the wavetable functions and parameters so you are basically setting up the same waveform and sound for both.

However, each voice has its own output processing. The first voice enjoys an analogue Tilt EQ for emphasising the highs or lows. Voice 2 runs through a digital wavefolder with a wide range of tonal and harmonic possibilities – from shimmers to clashes, squelches and crunches. These processes drive the two voices apart to give completely different and yet complementary flavours.


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More interest can be generated through the Accent input. When the Accent fires it doubles the length of Release on voice 1 and halves it on voice 2 – it’s a really interesting way to mess about with percussion. The Choke input immediately cuts off voice 1 (only) until the next time it’s triggered giving it a really sharp trailing edge rather than the usual release.

While the focus is on percussion it also has a 1volt/oct input and can become a source of melody from both voices.

The Tyso Daiko is a fun module that looks like it can generate usable percussion sounds quickly and easily while giving a lot of scope for variation through modulation and messing about. Can’t ask for more than that. It’s available now for £295.

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ALM Tyso Daiko

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