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vpme QD

vpme QD  ·  Source: vpme

vpme QD

vpme QD  ·  Source: vpme

Vladimir Pantelic dazzled us with the QD – Quad Drum Voice at last years Superbooth. But now the QD is refined and ready to go and packs a lot of stuff into this colourful and engaging Eurorack module.

QD – Quad Drum Voice

In essense, the QD is a 4-voice digital drum module in 22hp with internal mute and panning plus some very flexible CV assignment. Each voice can be a sample player, a wavetable VCO or a digital drum model, so drums are really only one possibility. Maybe “Quad Voice” may have been a better name, but drums are the focus and just because it can do other stuff doesn’t mean we should lose sight of the maker’s intentions. For each voice you have control over pitch, decay and sample selection.

A little SD card slot on the front can hold 1024 samples loading 128 samples into each voice at a time which can be selected via CV. The included digital drum models offer a range of kicks, snares, hats, strings and other percussive sounds.

There are 4 trigger inputs and 4 assignable CV inputs. There are 4 internal LFOs or modulation envelopes that can be synced to the triggers. There’s an internal 4 channel mixer with 2 output channels a 3-band EQ and a compressor. 4 mute buttons on the front make for easy performance tweaking.

We don’t have a price yet but the Quad Drum Voice should be with us in June. In the meantime enjoy the video below for a peak into the possibilities. It looks like a lot of fun to play with. The interface has been tidied up a little bit and labelled (which is always helpful).

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