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Erica Synths educational modules

Erica Synths educational modules  ·  Source: Modular Day


Erica Synths gave us a glimpse of their new range of educationally focused DIY modules at the ModularDay BCN event along with an interesting compact sample player. 



It was a very quick tour of the new modules hosted by Befaco in Barcelona. This is a very welcome return to DIY from Erica Synths who discontinued their range of DIY modules last year, but this time the focus is on teaching people about how synthesizers work. We understand that there will be 8 modules in total, the five they had on show were the VCO, VCF, Envelope, Dual VCA and Mixer. Still to come is a S&H, Sequencer and an Output module; everything you need for a simple synthesizer voice.  They are putting together a small case and power supply to run the modules with the idea of it being cheap enough for beginners and educational departments to have a go without having to worry about getting it all to work.

Although, this is DIY so “getting it to work” is what it’s all about. Erica Synths said that the kits will be easy enough for anyone to tackle even if they’ve no experience with making modules before. It’s all too easy to build Eurorack kits without actually learning anything about circuits or how the electronics works but Erica Synths in collaboration with a modular DIY YouTuber will be providing full manuals, tutorials and documentation that take the builder through the inner workings of the modules and exactly what the electrons are up to.

It’s a great idea and one that takes a lot of commitment in producing enough material around the modules to help beginners do more than just solder. It will be very interesting to see the finished kits which are expected in December. The pricing should be a very affordable €40-€80.

Pico WAV

Also on show, they had a prototype of the new Pico WAV. It’s a 3HP sample player that streams samples from an SD card and so can handle samples pretty much as long as you like. Using CV you can select samples and it has the ability to let the samples play over each other so that they don’t cut each other off – unless you want them to. It also had an expander which gave it a whole other channel of sound. Could be a really useful way of dropping a bunch of textures and material into your set.

Erica Synths Pico Wav

Erica Synths Pico Wav · Source: Erica Synths

No more information from Erica Synths at the moment but you can check out the presentation on the ModularDay BCN live stream on YouTube.

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The Erica Synths presentation is around the 3-hour mark.

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Erica Synths educational modules

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