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Optotronics Eurorack

Optotronics Eurorack  ·  Source: Ewa Justka


IKLECTIK presents a DIY workshop with Polish electronic noise artist Ewa Justka over 6 Sundays in which you’ll build an entire modular synthesizer.


DIY Eurorack system building workshop

IKLECTIK is a London based creative platform that showcases contemporary art, experimental music and artistic critical practice. This workshop is part of their expanding exploration into using their space as a research arts laboratory.

Over a 6-week program of 9-hour Sundays and one Monday participants will build a complete Eurorack modular system. They’ll be learning about the theory and history of analogue synthesis, Eurorack patching styles and techniques, as well as acquiring soldering and troubleshooting skills.

To start with you’ll have to source your own case to reflect your personality and taste but from there all other materials and tools are supplied as part of the course. In week 1 you’ll talk about power supplies and oscillators bringing together a pair of CEM3340 VCOs for complex modulations. Week 2 will take you into LFOs, week 3 is VCA week. Week 4 talks about envelopes and diode ladder filters. Week 5 looks at effects and wavefolding and week 6, which spills into the Monday, gets into randomisation.

Workshop schematic

Workshop schematic

The price of the full 7-day workshop is £600 which can be paid in two instalments. Individual days are charged at £115. For that, here’s what you get:

  • The PCB and all the components to finish a fully functional module per day or a fully functional eurorack system.
  • The rails to start building your DIY to create a eurorack case to house all the modules you’ll make in the workshop.
  • A pre-prepared workstation when you arrive at the workshop.
  • A soldering iron to be used throughout the workshop.
  • Research materials for every session [will be provided beforehand], which includes: schematics, notes, reading lists and links providing context and in-depth documentation to each module.
  • Consultancy on modular synths to Ewa Justka and Aimo Scampa throughout the workshop.
  • A presentation by Ewa Justka and Aimo Scampa.

The workshop takes place in Old Paradise Yard, SE1, near Lambeth North Tube station and kicks off on the 7th November and can take up to 15 participants. So if this appeals to you then I wouldn’t waste any time in signing up.


This sounds like a fascinating event that I would love to be involved in. Here’s a glimmer of the project:

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More Information

Ewa Justka has released some music on Bandcamp made entirely with the Optotronics eurorack system that you’ll be building.

More information

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  • Workshop schematic: Iklectik
Optotronics Eurorack

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