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Frequency Central Product Modular Synth

Frequency Central Product Modular Synth  ·  Source: Frequency Central


Frequency Central out of Coventry UK has released a semi-modular synth voice called the Product Modular Synth. It’s a Eurorack module that contains a number of other modules all wired up behind the scenes for instant sonic satisfaction.


Product Modular Synth

Although they don’t call it a semi-modular synthesizer that’s generally how we refer to synth voices with internal patching. it doesn’t need patch cables to produce a sound, you can use it purely as it is. So it’s “fully modular” but also semi-modular, or is it, or does it matter?But, of course, it’s the patching that makes Eurorack interesting and so you can do plenty of that too.


Anyway, Product is made up of 3 individual Frequency Central modules that are jammed together under a single front panel and motherboard PCB. You get the XVCO TWO oscillator, the Raging Bull 3.0 VCF/VCA and the System X Envelope. They’ve also dropped in an LFO that’s wired to the PWM and FM and an onboard noise source.

All of the pre-patching can be bypassed by plugging a cable into the relevant patch socket and they modules can be treated completely independently. Otherwise the oscillator waveforms route to the VCF inputs and out to the VCA.

Product is a great voice for anyone getting into Eurorack. It’s available as a “Panel & PCB” DIY kit for only £75 but you’ll have to source all the components yourself, or fully built for £295. Frequency Central’s Rick Holt says that the Product Modular Synth forms part of his forthcoming “#100quidmodular” concept which sounds very interesting.

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Frequency Central Product Modular Synth

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