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Frequency Central Wonderland

Frequency Central Wonderland  ·  Source: Frequency Central


Wonderland is another take on the popular matrix mixer, this time from Frequency Central. It comes in either pre-built or kit form with push-button connections that can invert your outputs.



Matrix mixers continue to be popular modules at the moment and it feels like we get a new one every week. I think en-mass we’ve discovered how terribly useful they are. Frequency Central has just released this one that’s called Wonderland and it’s quite an apt name.  I find that whenever I’m dealing with a matrix unexpected and exciting things start to happen. It’s odd how they’ve been a few Alice references lately.

Wonderland is an 8×8 matrix mixer which is quite a lot to fit on a Eurorack module. The 8 inputs on the left all have corresponding attenuators which you probably can’t see because they are micro-attenuators hidden in the small holes, 4 above and 4 below. So having to set levels with a screwdriver is not particularly convenient, but, on the other hand, with a matrix mixer, you are likely to more or less predominately wire it in. It’s a compromise on space but probably a good call.


You’ve then got two sets of outputs. A row at the bottom A-H with the regular outputs and another row at the top with 180-degree out-of-phase inverted outputs. It’s a neat way to get a variation out of every single waveform combination you are putting together.

Any of the inputs can be connected to any of the outputs by pressing the intersecting button. This way you can patch 1 input to 8 outputs and 8 inverted outputs. Or you can send multiple waveforms to the same destination and absolutely everything in between because matrix mixers encourage creative patching and you never seem to run out of possibilities.

Through the Looking Glass

The webpage talks about a sister module called Looking Glass which includes full-sized input attenuators and LED status indicators but there’s no further information on it. Sounds very useful though. It makes me think that the matrix buttons are not lit, which is a shame. Checking the build document it appears that these are regular buttons so you won’t be able to visualise the connections without the mysterious Looking Glass module. If I get any more information on it I’ll let you know.

However, at £160 fully built it’s a very affordable and compact 8-channel matrix mixer solution. You can also buy just the panel and PCBs for a very attractive £40.

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Frequency Central Wonderland

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