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The best reverb plug-ins

The best reverb plug-ins  ·  Source: Abletunes / Gearnews

2020 has been a good year for reverb plug-ins so far. We’ve seen a string of new releases ranging from vintage emulations to algorithmic reverbs to interesting new spins on the classic effect. Here are the top 8 new reverb plug-ins of this year (well, almost).

Abletunes RVRB

Abletunes RVRBAbletunes RVRB is meant to be a “modern reverb tool”. It offers 12 algorithms ranging from rooms and studios to halls and plate. With detailed controls for shaping the pre-delay, early reflections, reverb tail and transient response, as well as separate pre and damping EQs, RVRB offers a full tool box for getting the sound just right. There’s also a compressor for the reverb tail, and you can add some movement with the integrated LFO. A highly versatile reverb for any application.

Abletunes RVRB is available for Windows and macOS in VST3 and AU formats. The plug-in costs USD 99.

Developer’s page

Native Instruments Raum

Native Instruments RaumNative Instruments’ annual X-mas present was an especially nice one last year. Sadly, Raum is now no longer free, but it deserves a spot on this list no matter what. The plug-in looks pretty straight-forward at first glance, but has a few tricks up its sleeve. There’s a feedback loop in the pre-delay section, which can introduce additional overtones and create interesting sonic textures, and a freeze button for endless, ambient washes of sound. These features make Raum a powerful sound design tool.

Native Instruments Raum is available for Windows and macOS in VST, AU and AAX formats. The plug-in costs USD 49.

Developer’s page

ValhallaDSP Valhalla Supermassive

Valhalla SupermassiveValhalla Supermassive must be one of the nicest freebies we’ve seen so far this year. Reverb guru Sean Costello has put together some of his ideas that were too weird for his other plug-ins and created this gem of a freeware plug-in. Supermassive uses feedback delay networks to create super lush, endless reverbs and other effects. With eight modes to choose from, an aptly labeled Warp knob and added modulation, Valhalla Supermassive is primarily a creative sound design tool. And did we mention that it’s free?

Valhalla Supermassive is available for Windows and macOS in VST, AU and AAX formats.

Developer’s page

IK Multimedia Sunset Sound Studio Reverb

T-RackS_Sunset_Sound_Studio_ReverbIK Multimedia has captured the sound of one of the world’s most famous studios and baked it into this Custom Shop expansion for the popular T-RackS suite. Want to make your tracks sound like they were recorded in the sacred halls of Sunset Sound? The plug-in lets you choose from several variations of the studio’s live room and iso booth. Sunset Sound’s echo chamber has also been captured, and they’ve thrown in two plate reverbs and one spring reverb for good measure. Sound like the rich and famous!

IK Multimedia Sunset Sound Studio Reverb is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. It runs inside the T-RackS shell or as an individual plug-in. You can get it at* for GBP 153.

Developer’s page

United Plugins Verbum Entropic Hall

United Plugins Verbum Entropic HallThis interesting new introduction to the world of reverb plug-ins is inspired by the hardware collection of Prague-based Soundevice Studios. While it isn’t modeled after any particular hardware unit, the developer says that the idea was to create a plug-in with a hardware feel. In addition to standard reverb controls, Verbum offers analogue saturation, an emulation of old AD/DA converters and a knob that literally lets you turn up the “Legendarism”. It also includes filters and an LFO for modulation.

United Plugins Verbum Entropic Hall is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. The regular price is USD 119, but it’s currently on sale at Plugin Boutique* for USD 67.

Developer’s page

Neunaber Audio Wet Reverberator

Neunaber Audio Wet Reverberator plug-inSoftware emulations of effect pedals seem to be a new trend. Neunaber Audio has pulled the W3T reverb algorithm from its hugely popular Immerse Reverberator MkII pedal and released it as a plug-in for your DAW. In addition to controls for the size and shape for the reverb, Wet Reverberator includes a tilt EQ, high and low pass filters and an LFO for modulation. And if you like a lo-fi sound, you can even adjust the fidelity of the reverb by reducing the bit rate and adjusting the width.

Neunaber Audio Wet Reverberator is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. The plug-in currently costs USD 49.

Developer’s page

AudioThing Springs

AudioThing SpringsIf the characterful sound of vintage spring reverbs is your thing, look no further than AudioThing Springs. The plug-in includes no less than eight classic spring reverbs, which were captured using a combination of modeling and convolution. The included springs range from guitar amps to the built-in reverb of the Roland Space Echo to vintage Japanese units. There are lots of knobs and switches for tweaking and they’ve kindly thrown in a 3-band Baxandall EQ for additional sound shaping.

AudioThing Springs is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. You can get it at Plugin Boutique* for USD 69.

Developer’s page

Tritik Irid

Tritik IridTritik Irid is another reverb plug-in that’s as much a sound design tool as it’s a mixing effect. Irid uses a pitch-shifting reverb algorithm with three independently tunable and reversible reverb voices. Everything is tied together with global size, diffusion, width and feedback controls, and there’s modulation for added movement. The result is a broad palette of unique spaces, massive reverbs and otherworldly effects, some of which almost have a symphonic quality to them.

Tritik Irid is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. The plug-in just came out, which means you can still grab it at the introductory price of EUR 29. After July 31, 2020, the price will go up to EUR 49.

Developer’s page


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