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Tritik Irid

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Tritik Irid is a new creative reverb plug-in designed for shimmering textures and lush soundscapes. With three tunable reverb voices, it lets you dial in sounds that range from grainy delays to rich harmonic spaces. Will Irid give the popular ValhallaShimmer a run for its money?


Tritik Irid

Tritik is known for plug-ins with unique ideas and clear, functional GUIs. The free Krush bit crusher is a must-have for any plug-in enthusiast. With Irid, the developer has now ventured into the world of reverb, but like Tritik’s other plug-ins, this one comes with some unique features that will spark your creativity.

The underlying concept seems similar to Valhalla Shimmer by ValhallaDSP. Like its competitor, Irid uses a pitch-shifting reverberation algorithm. But it goes a bit further than Valhalla Shimmer by offering three independently tunable reverb voices. According to Tritik, two of these use pitch shifters with a range of -1 octave to +2 octaves, while the third is a frequency shifter ranging from -100 Hz to +2000 Hz. Each voice also has its own output level control and reverse switch. Compared to Valhalla Shimmer, this gives you a good deal more control over what exactly happens in the pitch-shifting section.

Irid offers a pre-delay section with tempo sync, and global size, diffusion, width and feedback controls. There’s also modulation for adding some movement to the reverbs. You can further shape the sound using the high cut and low cut filters, and dial in the desired dry/wet balance with the corresponding sliders.

Listening to the sound demos, Tritik Irid seems to tick many of the same boxes as Valhalla Shimmer. It’s capable of a huge palette of otherworldly reverbs that almost have a symphonic quality to them and can completely transform a sound rather than just place it in a virtual space. It’s as much a sound design and composition tool as it’s a mixing effect. Irid comes with 80 presets, some of which were designed by Richard Devine, emptyVessel and Andrew Madden.

Price and compatibility

Tritik Irid is now available from the developer’s site for EUR 29. This introductory offer lasts until 31 July; after that, the regular price will be EUR 49.

The plug-in runs on Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.10 or higher. It comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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Tritik Irid

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