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Tritik Krush Pro

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Tritik has announced the Krush Pro plug-in. The developers took their awesome free Krush bitcrusher, and added all sorts of interesting new features and modulation options. Tritik Krush Pro is now in public beta, and available for pre-order at 50% off.


Tritik Krush Pro expands upon the concept of Krush by adding a new wavecrushing module. There is also a new frequency shifting and ring modulation module for more creative destruction. Add to that a revamped filter section, extensive modulation capabilities, and flexible drag&drop reordering of modules, and you’ve got a plug-in that really seems to be crushing it. OK, I admit, that one was lame…

Wavecrushing, frequency shifting, and ring modulation

In addition to the bitcrusher that was the heart of the free Krush plug-in, Krush Pro offers a second crushing stage named Wavecrush. I don’t yet know exactly what it does or how it sounds, but it seems to use user-selectable wavetables and has controls for morph, sync, and width. There’s also a ring modulator and frequency shifter module, which Tritik says can deliver anything from “subtle tremolo to sci-fi effects”.

The filter section has been expanded. While Krush offers a simple resonant lowpass or highpass filter, Krush Pro has separate filter stages for the input and output. Both offer bandpass and comb filter types in addition to lowpass and highpass.

Tritik Krush Pro

Drag&drop modulation

Modulation and routing

The modulation options are plentiful. There are three LFOs, all of which offer six waveforms and can of course sync to the song tempo. The input signal can be used for modulation via the envelope follower module. Furthermore, Krush Pro has two modulation step sequencers with 16 steps each, which means that you’ll be able to create intricate rhythmic modulations of the effects parameters. There’s a modulation matrix for assigning the modulators to their targets. Tritik says that all of the modulation sources are stereo. I have to say that the modulation options sound really promising.

You can change the signal path through the various FX modules (bitcrush, wavecrush, ring modulator / frequency shifter) by dragging and reordering the modules. All effects modules have independent wet/dry controls. Modulators can also be assigned using drag&drop. Overall, Krush Pro looks like a very well-designed plug-in, that could spark your creativity in many ways.

Tritik Krush Pro is available for macOS (AU, VST, AAX) and Windows (AAX, VST 64-bit, VST 32-bit).

Price and availability

Krush Pro is now in public beta and available for download from the Tritik website. The fact that it’s in beta means that it’s still under development. But you can already pre-order the plug-in for 24 Euros, which is more than 50% off the regular price of 49 Euros. If you’re into bitcrushing and other destructive audio mangling, I think that’s a bargain.

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Tritik Krush Pro

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