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Free plug-ins 02-20-22

Best free plug-ins this week: LOADES, TheExpressor, Delay, BitCrusher and AutoFilter  ·  Source: Analog Obsession, Gearnews


We’ve got an extra helping of free plug-ins for you this week! Analog Obsession is back with a de-esser, TheZhe has a new expander and compressor plug-in and Stagecraft Software offers a full suite of three free plug-ins. Here’s LOADES, TheExpressor, Delay, BitCrusher and AutoFilter.


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Analog Obsession LOADES

Analog Obsession LOADESAnalog Obsession has released LOADES, a powerful de-esser with a mix feature. The developer says that it not only de-esses your vocals, but also works great for reducing high-frequency harshness in your mix, cymbal tracks and more. There’s a threshold control, adjustable release (1–500 ms) and a button that toggles between band and shelf modes. The plug-in also has input, output and dry/wet mix knobs and a soft button that activates an extra smooth and transparent mode.

LOADES is available for macOS and Windows in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

Get LOADES here


TheZhe TheExpressor

TheZhe TheExpressorTheExpressor by TheZhe is a colored upwards/downwards expander and compressor plug-in with a unique, minimalistic interface and some powerful features. In addition to attack and release controls, threshold and upwards/downwards ratio knobs, there’s a color knob that lets you soften the knee or boost/cut up to 24 dB at extreme settings. The plug-in also has a detector high pass filter, built-in anti aliasing and automatic gain control.

TheExpressor is available for macOS and Windows in VST3 and AU formats.

Get TheExpressor here

Stagecraft Software Delay, BitCrusher and AutoFilter

Stagecraft Software Delay, BitCrusher and AutoFilterStagecraft Software offers not one, but three free plug-ins with great feature sets and good-looking GUIs. Delay is a filtered delay effect with spectrum displays. BitCrusher is a full-featured bit crusher that includes a noise generator, LFO-controlled filter and stereo spreader. And AutoFilter is a filter plug-in designed with electronic music in mind, which lets you modulate and automate all filter parameters. All three plug-ins are free, but the developer asks that you register after 30 days.

The Stagecraft Software plug-ins are available for macOS and Windows in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get Delay, BitCrusher and AutoFilter here

Image Sources:
  • analog-obsession-loades: Analog Obsession
  • thezhe-theexpressor: TheZhe
  • stagecraft-software-delay-bitcrusher-autofilter-01: Stagecraft Software
Free plug-ins 02-20-22

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    Zhe says:

    Thanks for the share 🙂 Just finished massive overhaul of TheExpressor’s UI.

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