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AudioThing Springs

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If you’re into vintage reverbs, you might want to spring for this: AudioThing Springs packs eight classic spring reverbs into one plug-in. In addition to this impressive and versatile collection, they’re throwing in a Baxandall EQ, and more.

Like its competitors PSP Nexcellence and u-he Twangström, among others, AudioThing Springs seeks to bring the twang and wobble of classic spring reverbs to our DAWs. It contains emulations of eight different hardware units. These range from a large 6-spring pipe to small battery powered devices. AudioThing says that they used a combination of modeling and convolution to capture the sonic characteristics of the originals. Here’s the springs that Springs has to offer:

  • GBS (two Accutronics spring tanks in a plastic pipe)
  • RE-201 (the Roland Space Echo’s built-in spring reverb, which AudioThing had already modeled in a separate plug-in)
  • SR-202W
  • HR-12 (vintage Japanese spring reverb)
  • A-199 (the Doepfer A-199 Eurorack spring reverb module)
  • REV-25 (another vintage Japanese unit)
  • RA-844 (a battery powered reverberation amplifier)
  • Audition (a small guitar head amplifier)

Controls for sonic variety

That’s a promising selection that looks like a lot of fun and sonic variety. The reverbs have two switchable decay lengths, a noise control, and knobs for pre delay, stereo width, emphasis, and compression. You can further shape the sound using a bandwidth filter for the input signal, a drive control, and the 3-band Baxandall EQ with parametric mids that they’ve kindly thrown in.

Overall, I think this is a must-have for lovers of vintage reverb tones, be it on guitar, vocals, or anything else.


Audiothings Springs is available for macOS and Windows in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats (64-bit only).

Price and availability

Springs is now available at the AudioThing website for an introductory price of USD 49 / EUR 49. The regular price will be USD 69 / EUR 69. Not bad at all for eight reverbs, if you ask me. A restricted demo version is also available.

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