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Convology Vintage Reverb

Convology Vintage Reverb  ·  Source:

Presonus OpenAir

Presonus OpenAir  ·  Source:


It’s a new triple pack bundle of vintage reverbs available directly from the PreSonus shop. I couldn’t find them in the Studio One in-app shop browser so you’ll have to go to the website. It does further beg the question as to why they keep releasing these imaginary box shots. There will be no box. You can also buy them individually, without boxes.


Vintage Reverbs

All three are designed for Studio One 3 Professionals’s Open AIR convolution reverb. So we’re talking about impulses of spaces and sampling of hard-to-find reverbs from a bygone age.

The first set are “Digital”, sampled from the beginning of the digital music era. They are modelled on the EMT digital reverb units and are indeed vintage 1980’s. You get the EMT 245, 246, 248 and 250 giving a wide range of spaces from the pre-delay of the 245 to the DSP of the 250.


Next up are the “Plate” reverbs taking in the Ecoplate, EMT 140 and 240 and Lawson plate reverb. The Ecoplate and Lawson are renowned for their brightness whereas the EMTs are darker and warmer.

Finally there’s the “Spring” reverbs. These take in a wide range of gear and springs sampled all over the world. with everything from the boinginess that guitarists need through to the light tremors and flutter of subtle springs acting like nearby reflections. Many of the springs sampled have been used by artists such as The Rascals, Van Morrison and James Brown. We don’t often find spring reverbs in software so this pack is particularly interesting.

All in all there’s 36 reverb effects in the bundle for $79.95 or £73.86 or individually Digital, Plate and Springs are $29.95/£27.67, $34.95/£32.29 and $39.95/£36.91 respectively.

More information on the PreSonus website blog or in the shop.

Convology Vintage Reverb

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