NAMM 2018: Qu Bit Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO

25 Jan 2018 · Qu Bit have created a Eurorack module that puts Scanned Synthesis into hardware for the first time. The Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO is like a string held in space that you can manipulate in interesting ways
Robin Vincent NAMM 2017 Modular Round-up

NAMM 2017: Robin’s Modular round-up

23 Jan 2017 · Can there ever be too much modular? Our synth expert Robin has gathered all the new releases in the world of Eurorack and put them together in one handy place.
Qu-Bit Chord with friends

Qu-Bit brings polyphony to modular with Chord

30 Aug 2016 · The new Chord from Qu-Bit brings easy polyphonic phrasing, melodies and tuned chords to your modular setup. And despite looking simple to use, it seems capable of some interesting sounds...