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Qu-Bit Pulsar

Qu-Bit Pulsar  ·  Source: Qu-Bit


Pulsar is a 14hp burst generator from Qu-Bit that they say is “inspired by stars that output beams of electromagnetic radiation in space.” That sounds excellent, what does it do?



The idea is that when triggered it sends out a “burst” of CV signals. The content is dependent upon the mode and the setting of the various parameters. Pulsar has 8 dispersion modes and 4 unique outputs. Each mode provides a different type of stream: there’s euclidean, binary, random and fractal. The two knobs on the left control what they are calling environmental factors of “absorb” and “gravity”. These affect the behaviour of each burst and affect its movement in time. It’s some kind of physics simulation.

Everything is controllable and modulateable, and it also provides a clock – it’s “galactic” apparently. The spinny light thing in the middle looks awesome and the video ably demonstrates that this is going to be one fun cosmic module.

We don’t know a whole lot else yet but we do know it’s available for preorder now on the Qu-Bit website for $289.


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