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Error Instruments Clockwork Orange

Error Instruments Clockwork Orange  ·  Source: Error Instruments


Meanwhile over at Error Instruments for the love of Stanley Kubrick they have 10 A Clockwork Orange inspired Eurorack modules featuring a square pulse generator clock, clock divider and phase sequencer. And there’s 4 of each so you and 3 droogs can play together.


A Clockwork Orange

So, what new torture is this? Well, there are 4 square wave pulse outputs, one in each corner with their own coloured LED to show the speed of oscillation. Modes are set by the central switch oppressive control system. In Free mode they are independent and controlled via their own rate knob. Switching to Phase or Divide makes the top left pulse the main rate control.

In Phase mode each output is shifted by 90 degrees so they are fired in turn relative to the speed of the top left. In Divide mode it will clock divide which you can change via the individual knobs relative to the first one.

It’s a great module for bashing out rhythms and subverting clocks in interestingly related ways. It’s likely to give you a nice warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts!

They’ve only made 10 and you can get one for €109.

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  • Error Instruments A Clockwork Orange page.
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Error Instruments Clockwork Orange

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2 responses to “Clockwork Orange: Kubrick inspired pulse generator, clock divider and phase sequencer”

    m.preuss says:

    Well, if already riding high on other’s achievements they’d at least be a little more true to the actual source… (for the love of Anthony Burgess…)

      Nur Mahal says:

      Can we credit Wendy Carlos, the woman who CREATED the music of the movie and who was a pioneer of electronic music ?

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