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Baby 8 Pro

Baby 8 Pro  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Baby Pro 8

Baby Pro 8  ·  Source: Error Instruments


It’s never going to be a straight forward sequencer if it’s an Error Instruments module and so the Baby 8 Pro offers brilliantly simple sequencing with a switch that plummets it into experimental glitchiness – just for fun!


Baby Pro 8

It’s an 8-step Eurorack sequencer arranged in a space-saving squashed circle of knobs that set the pitch of each step. An arrangement of LEDs behind a nicely designed ring of windows shows the currently active step. A big switch in the middle switches between forward, reverse and a very engaging random mode which takes it in a lot more directions and possibility.

The all-important Glitch button introduces a burst of disastrous noise although I can’t decide what the point of it is. All the LEDs light and fizz while zany noise is generated by the oscillator which then returns to normal notes once released. If you use it without a clock in Random mode then a new step is selected after every burst of noise.

There’s also a Step button for moving through steps by hand.


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It’s a great little sequencer with an interesting look and bursts of noise if that’s your thing. It costs €159 and is available now.

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  • Error Instruments website.
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