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Error Instruments 1U

Error Instruments 1U  ·  Source: Error Instruments


You thought your 1U rails were safe from the madness? Think again! Error Instruments is introducing a range of 1U modules for utility, creativity and noise making.


1U we welcome you

Paul Tas of Error Instruments says that they’ve been thinking about 1U for a few years but always got stuck on the problem with the two competing and not very compatible formats of Pulp Logic and Intellijel. Paul’s decided that Intellijel is the way to go and are introducing a range that includes passive and active utilities as well as other useful bits and pieces.

Here are a few examples from the video Error Instruments posted today (below).

Toolbox – Combination of a Mult, an Attenuator and a Low Pass Gate that’s tuned for triggers or gates. This is the only one on the website so far and it’s available for €55.

Error Instruments 1U Toolbox

Error Instruments 1U Toolbox · Source: Error Instruments

Spring Bank – Passive module with a spring that you can twang. The sound is picked up and comes out of two outputs. Great for routing through delays and reverbs.


Amp/VCA – Small amplifier with an in and out socket and CV control over the volume. It would make a great companion to the Spring Bank and can add a bit of distortion. It also has a nice red LED giving you a peak light.

Solar Panel – Generates up to 5v of DC voltage depending on the amount of sunlight.

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More Information

1U is a growing format and I’m pretty sure both Pulp Logic and Intellijel are still around although Intellijel does seem to have the momentum going forward.

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Error Instruments 1U

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