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Error Instruments Imaginary Friend

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend Eurorack

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend Eurorack  ·  Source: Error Instruments


Available in both standalone and Eurorack formats Imaginary Friend is a complex and modular experimental synthesizer which is, of course, bonkers.


Imaginary Friend

This is all about pushing buttons, wiggling joysticks and modulating the heck out of things. Your Imaginary Friend is a mult-layered digital and analogue hybrid that’s always in danger of kicking off.

There are two separate outputs; one for the eventual waveform and one for the Sub oscillator. The Wave Output contains the complex result of all your fiddling, the cross-modulated combination of tones, the COMP and some of the Sub. On the other hand, the Sub maintains a pure trapezoid tone that’s unconcerned with your tweaking.

It’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on but this is the sort of box that benefits from modulation. It has two LFOs with square and sine wave outputs, a Random output that can be looped and a Reset to restart the cycles. The glowing lights along the bottom act as clock dividers to keep things moving at different but related rates.


If you really want to get into it then the joystick in the middle is where you’re going to play. You get CV output in two directions plus a Gate when you push down on it.

The effects section offers three interactive and intertwined effects. They are Feedback, Delay and Bit Reduction. They come from the Error Instruments PRNCS resonator and is based on using vactrol feedback. You’ll also find a lowpass gate to play with, some attenuators, mults and mixers to patch and repatch around your Imaginary Friend.


Error Instruments synths are not always easy to explain so delve into this video for further explanation.

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More Information


Error Instruments will be demonstrating its Imaginary Friend on booth Z241.

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Error Instruments Imaginary Friend

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