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Glow LFO

Glow LFO  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Our favourite makers of the wonderfully bizarre are back with the GLOW LFO. It’s an LFO that gets messed about by a light feeding a light sensor – awesome!


It can be a regular LFO with sine, square and random waveforms but that’s too boring for Error Instruments. No, with the Glow LFO you have a light dependant resistor circuit that disrupts the LFO cycle in interesting and unexpected ways.

It appears to come with its own light that’ plugged into a socket and seems to glow in response to the LFO output creating a sort of light-based feedback loop. Details are still a bit sketchy at this point! You can use any light source and you can also turn it off for regular and boring functionality.

They also talk about it having a kind of sequencer built-in for looping – not sure what that means yet. It is all a bit experiemental.

Apparently, all will be revealed on Friday but put me down for one.

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