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MXR 95 Mini Phaser 90 46 orange Script block

MXR 95 Mini Phaser - Two classic phaser pedals in one  ·  Source: MXR


MXR have announces that the Phase 95 Mini Phaser is to be launched later this year. The pedal itself squeezes a Phase 90 and Phase 45 into one mini-pedal format; that’s a lot of classic phaser in one dinky orange box.


Orange Squash

The MXR Phase 95 Mini Phaser presses two of the company’s best and most loved phaser pedals into one unit. The combination of these two pedals should give players a lot of scope in terms of both colour and also character, as the Phase 90 and Phase 45 have very different tonal qualities.

The Phase 90 is the classic rock phaser pedal and used in the past by Van Halen for example to get some great tones on record. Its ‘Script Logo’ original versions from 1974 still change hands for lots of money and MXR has reissued them a few times over the years. The later ‘Block’ labelled version wasn’t as subtle as the ‘Script’ yet still has its fans.

The Phase 45 was a more subtle phase effect and is often over-looked by players seeking the more in your face sound of those ‘Script Logo’ Phase 90 pedals. Those in the know will still scoop them up if they can find them, as they do their own thing and do it very well.


Miniscule Dimensions

I believe that by placing two classic phaser pedal circuits into one tiny box MXR could sell a lot of these, especially for players with already overloaded pedal boards. If you want those two classic circuits then to be able to have both in a smaller format is rather handy.

Also, if you needed both versions of the Phase 90 pedal, plus a Phase 45 it was a lot of real estate taken up on your pedal board. The MXR Phase 95 Mini Phaser pedal can do both Script and Block versions of Phase 90 via a switch and the Phase 45 as well via the other switch.

It runs from ECB003 9V power supply which is included in the price.

RRP GBP £106.99 available from December 

Jim Dunlop / MXR pedals site here

MXR 95 Mini Phaser 90 46 orange Script block

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