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Ibanez Mini Booster and Mini Phaser

Ibanez Mini Booster and Mini Phaser  ·  Source: Ibanez

Ibanez has just announced two new mini pedals, packing some great tones and features into a compact form factor. Yes, size matters – when you’re saving space on your pedalboard!

Ibanez PHMINI Mini Phaser

The two new pedals – PHMINI and BTMINI – are both made in Japan. First of this brace of new mini pedals is the PHMINI Mini Phaser. There seem to be few if any notable differences to the regular PT9, giving you all those quality phase tones without it taking up lots of space on your pedalboard. It’s an all-analogue phaser equipped with controls for Speed, Depth and Feedback. There is also a push button on the side that toggles the number of stages between 4 and 6, giving you a couple of extra options.

Ibanez Mini Phaser

Ibanez Mini Phaser


I love phaser pedals and the combination of sweet sounds and compact size is a nice benefit for many of us with bulging pedalboard rigs.

RRP – GBP 99

Ibanez BTMINI Mini Booster

At first I thought the BTMINI might be a reissue of the BB9. Turns out, however, that this a clean boost rather than a bottom booster, with a built-in 2-band EQ. This EQ setup looks pretty flexible, as it combines with a boost to give you some additional options. Turned all the way up, the two EQ bands set what Ibanez calls a “wide range” tone, letting you boost the whole signal. At lower bass and treble settings, the boost becomes a much more focussed on the midrange instead.

Ibanez Mini Booster

Ibanez Mini Booster

Japanese Op Amp

This boost circuit uses a Japanese JRC Muses 8820 OP amp, which I’m told has a particularly clean tone. That sounds like a good way of giving your amp an extra nudge without colouring your core tone. A good boost pedal is worth its weight in gold and this could certainly be one to check out this year. A little goes a long way with guitar tone!

RRP – GBP 89

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