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Ibanez NAMM 2017 BIGMINI Tuner 850 Mini Fuzz

Ibanez new mini pedals for 2017. The 850 Mini Fuzz and the BIGMINI tuner pedal.  ·  Source: Ibanez

On top of the 55 new guitars recently announced in the run-up to the Winter NAMM show 2017, Ibanez are also launching these two diminutive pedals. The 850 Fuzz Mini and the BIGMINI tuner supplement the Ibanez range of diminutive guitar effects pedals and look like they should fit in with the series quite nicely.

850 Mini Fuzz

This is a shrunk-down version of the 850 Overdrive released last year, itself a reissue of a classic fuzz pedal from the company’s past. In theory, it should sound exactly the same as its big brother. But you’ll need to power it from an external power supply, as it is too small to squeeze a battery in. It comes in that classic orange colour and has a very simple control layout, so should be easy to set up a sound you like.

Made in Japan, the 850 Fuzz Mini pedal will be priced at about 100 Euros, we hear, so hopefully it’ll be less in pounds.

Ibanez NAMM 2017 BIGMINI Tuner 850 Mini Fuzz

What’s small, orange and filthy?


Ibanez BIGMINI Tuner

OK, so this is not as exciting as the Mini Fuzz, especially because the market is already saturated with ‘mini-tuner’ pedals. Forgive me for not being overwhelmed by yet another pedal in this category. But it looks solid enough and is already being listed on many UK sites at £49. That’s a little too much for a mini tuner, I feel. If it ever got closer to £30, that would be a bargain!

Ibanez NAMM 2017 BIGMINI Tuner 850 Mini Fuzz

The BIGMINI tuner pedal. Yet another ‘mini’ tuner… yawn!


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