by Jef

Ibanez has reissued their OD850 Overdrive, which is actually more of a fuzz pedal than an overdrive and is known as sounding bit like the Big Muff. 

Orange Fuzz Box

Original Ibanez OD850 pedals change hand for lots of money on certain auction sites, yet they lack lots of modern features like true-bypass and running off a regular 9v power supply. Luckily Ibanez has rectified all those issues with this reissue and also added a LED to let you know when the fuzz is engaged.

The Ibanez OD850 Overdrive is completely analogue and Ibanez has kept the original simple three-knob layout with Volume, Tone and Sustain controls.

Limited Run

The pedal is a limited run and I think it will be popular, as the original pedals from the ’70s are still pretty sought after by those in the know. As it is more of a fuzz box, don’t expect a light overdrive pedal with this one! I’ve added a video below of an original so that you can hear exactly what I mean.

Damn, and I thought I had enough fuzz boxes, looks like I may need to buy another one now…

RRP €129

Full specifications van be found here 

Ibanez OD850 Overdrive reissue

Ibanez OD850 Overdrive a bright orange ’70s fuzz box