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Qu-Bit modules

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Qu-Bit had four forthcoming modules on demo. The Tone, Contour, Mixology and Chance modules all follow the same clean lines and super functionality that Qu-Bit always bring to the Eurorack.



The Tone is a quad voltage-controlled filter. It’s an all-analogue design with a 24dB slope. Each channel has a low pass and band pass output with cut-off and resonance controls. It’s capable of self-oscillation when the resonance is turned to maximum and it can also double as a sine wave oscillator. The price will be $299 and is due for release in March.


The Chance is a random voltage generator, with smooth, discrete and wavetable outputs along with a blend. The smooth output chooses a value and then slowly ramps up or down to it synced to the clock pulse. Discrete is more like a sample-and-hold output. The Wavetable randomly selects between sine, triangle and sawtooth wavetables and plays it back at a randomly chosen frequency although still synced to tempo. The Blend output is controlled via the big knob in the middle, moving between all three options in different configurations. There’s a freeze button that holds all outputs on the current value, and a coin toss that randomises all the values.

It’s not quite done. Along the bottom are some outputs, clock and gate of course, but also white and digital noise and finally a rhythm output. This chooses musically appropriate random gates – which sounds very interesting indeed. The price hasn’t been decided yet but it should be available in April.


The Contour is a quad envelope generator. Each channel has an attenuverter so you can attenuate and invert the CV from +10 to -10v. There are Attack and Decay knobs for the envelope which are also CV controllable. In addition to being triggered each channel can loop and effectively become an LFO. Loop length goes up to 20 minutes! The Shape button switches between linear and exponential shapes. You can also chain envelopes so that one triggers after another – very groovy. Price is $279 and you can order now from the website.



Originally announced last year it’s now ready to go. They’ve added send and returns, a VU meter and made it a bit larger to make live performance a bit easier. It’s a four channel mixer with stereo outputs. Each channel has a bi-polar level CV input which allows for audio ducking. There’s CV control over the send amount and pan position. Each channel has a level slider with up to 6dB of gain. And there’s mute and solo buttons. Release is set for late February but there’s no price yet.

For a full demonstration check out the video below with one of the most competent demonstrators I have ever seen – or seek out further details on their website.

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