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Make Noise Dynamix and Contour

Make Noise Dynamix and Contour  ·  Source:


Posted and then pulled from an Italian music store (NewGroove) are two new modules from Make Noise. Contour and Dynamix are both derived from their popular 0-Coast desktop semi-modular synthesizer. So finally we’ll be able to get some of the features that make the 0-Coast fabulous directly in our Eurorack – assuming these modules are real of course.



This is a section pulled straight from the 0-Coast. It’s a 4 stage function generator designed to drive the dynamics circuit (which is what the Dynamix module is based on). This essentially creates an ADSR envelope, or an ASR envelope when the sustain is set to 100%. It was inspired by the Loudness Contour circuit of the Minimoog.

As a module Make Noise have added full voltage control, a mirrored output and gate outputs at the End of Onset (EON) and the End of Contour (EOC). Patch the EON OUT to the Gate In to cycle for an LFO function. They also allow for cascading multiple units for a bit of Maths style action.

Make Noise Contour

Make Noise Contour · Source:


This pulls the final Dynamics section out of the 0-Coast and turns it into a 2-channel Low Pass Gate, dynamics manager and mixer. Its functionality is similar to that of the Optomix LPG, however, rather than using a West Coast Vactrol the Dynamix uses transistors which are much more East Coast. Make Noise say that this combination of coasts, or cancelling of coasts is “No-Coast” synthesis at its best. Ideal, or course, for pairing with the Contour to give it 4-stages of response.


The Level knob controls both amplitude and frequency content of the audio signal. The Dynmc knob can compress, expand or duck while the input has some soft overload at maximum settings. The summing section has an input for chaining of multiple MIX units (modDemix, Optomix and RxMx modules).

Make Noise Dynamix

Make Noise Dynamix · Source:

The unofficial pricing is €119.90 for the Contour and €179.90 for the Dynamix. Availability must be imminent but we’ll update this once we have some official details.

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Make Noise Dynamix and Contour

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