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Make Noise 0-CTRL

Make Noise 0-CTRL  ·  Source: Make Noise


0-CTRL is a very cool looking companion to the Make Noise 0-Coast synthesizer which controls and step-sequences voltage in a nice little desktop form factor.



There’s always something clever going on with Make Noise devices and the 0-CTRL is no exception. It will send out notes of course but it will also control the Strength and Time of your synthesizer voice per step. It has Pressure and Touch Gate outputs for human interaction and expression. The Gates are dynamic and can offer envelopes with individual settings per step. You can also get stuck into the middle of a sequence and start playing it manually with Sequence Interrupt.

Each touch-plate activates a step and sends control voltage out of the pressure output depending on hard you push. The pitch is set by the row of knobs along the top. You can use the pressure to control individual notes with touch or control the loudness of the entire sequence. Or switch to the Gate output for more regular sequencing.

The three rows of knobs represent Pitch at the top, then Strength and the bottom row is Time. Time is interesting in that it increases the time between individual steps giving a delightfully drunken sense of movement and also makes for some very creative rhythms. Strength controls the dynamic Gate and Envelope outputs. A dynamic Gate generates a variable level Gate out which very few devices will understand. However, the Contour on the 0-Coast absolutely does which is one of the reasons they pair so nicely. Alternatively, you can patch it directly to a VCA or LPG and the Envelope output does the work. The Envelope always follows the length of the step and the value of the Time knob.

Each step also has a Gate output which is useful for triggering other events either internally or into your larger system. One example is the ability to setup a single-shot sequence by patching the last Gate to the Stop input. The 0-CTRL comes with some stacking patch cables to allow you to double up on your Gate outputs and other functions.


The 0-CTRL is a fun little box that totally matches the vibe of the 0-Coast even down to the slightly cryptic labelling and intentionally different way of doing things.

The price is $399.

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Make Noise 0-CTRL

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One response to “Make Noise introduce the 0-CTRL (Zero-Control) step sequencer”

    Paul Boos says:

    This is a really cool sequencer and as expected such a perfect pair with the 0-Coast. Def on going on my list…

    I actually think it would pair well with a Microvolt. Lots of tonal control there as well…

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