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Copper Traces Seek step sequencer

Copper Traces Seek step sequencer  ·  Source: Copper Traces


Seek is the first release from Eurorack module makers Copper Traces and is an ambitious and fully featured step sequencer. Packed into a 12hp module is a 64 step CV/gate sequencer complete with a little keyboard, saving for 12 patterns and much much more.



Every button, of which there are 24, looks like it has at least 2 functions. And there’s not a single knob so it’s all about the finger tips. Sequences of up to 64 steps can be generated in real-time, step-time or using the inbuilt randomising algorithms. You can set the sequence running and add notes using the little keyboard. This also applies to rests, octave changes, accents and legato – just set it running and hit the button when the note comes around that you want to apply it to. Patterns can be pushed forwards and backwards, in ping-pong, random or Brownian motion.

For live switching between patterns the keyboard is employed as one key for each giving some great live performance potential.  The keyboard can also be used as a quantizer, particularly useful for taming the random algorithms into producing something to a set scale. The random algorithms allow for static or evolving randomness with a separate control for probability. Generative, self-seeding patterns are certainly something they are focusing on. I’d like to see some demonstrations of that.

Along with the clock there’s a reset input which can also be used to control run/stop, one shot, play direction, randomness, slip forward and back or jump to a random step. There’s also a separate accent output.

There’s a video showing many of the features that was uploaded back in October. Now that the module is available I’d recommend throwing something a bit more concise and fun out there as the video is a little, I don’t know, functional?


There’s a lot of functionality packed into this module. It’s a great space-saving device with a lot of creative power if you can get past the button heavy interface. To me, it seems to lean too much on the programming side rather than the inspiration of melody, but it all depends on how you like to work.

Copper Traces Seek is available now for $299. More details and the manual are available on their website.

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Copper Traces Seek step sequencer

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