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Winter Modular Eloquencer

Winter Modular Eloquencer  ·  Source: Winter Modular


Winter Modular are presenting their new 38HP Eurorack sequencer. It’s called Eloquencer and drives the concept of “Controlled Chance” to produce the widest creative possibilities. That does sound like an interesting module. Let’s check it out.



It’s a remarkably interesting name, combining eloquence and sequencer which seems very apt for this beautifully laid out, arresting module. The 8×16 matrix in the middle pulls you in immediately, and the way that the design flows from the play/stop button to the gate and CV outputs gives a sense of intuitiveness amongst the chaos of everything that’s going on. It makes a fabulous first impression.

Getting into the details Eloquencer is an 8 track sequencer with 16 steps. Although patterns can be chained to build parts up to 256 steps in length. The middle matrix displays the step information and the buttons at the bottom can act as a note input keyboard as well as other functions. The OLED screen on the left provides contextual feedback for all the parameters and lets you navigate menus.

Controlled Chance

However, the defining factor of Eloquencer is how it deals with the randomising of parameters. CV, gate, gate length and ratcheting can all be randomised in different ways. This can push the sequence into permanently evolving patterns. The probability function for each gate, CV, variation and range is adjustable for each step or track. It’s the same with ratchet type and variation. That’s a whole load of probabilities operating on all sorts of steps within a pattern. And if you pull away from individual steps you can also apply randomization to entire patterns, creating new ones or partially changing existing ones.

And there are loads more stuff in here. Independent track shifting and step direction, fill-in modes, input quantizing, groove and shuffle control. It’s the sort of module that can keep you amused for hours simply messing about before you get down to any serious music making. And that’s the point I think. It will generate ideas and create things that perhaps had never occurred to you. Then you can save the whole thing as a song to an SD card.

Eloquencer is updatable via USB and is based upon an Open Source Arduino core. There’s already a forthcoming update that includes LFO and modulation modes.


Eloquencer will start shipping in May and will cost €550. Check out the video below for an in-depth tour or head to the Winter Modular website for more information.


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Winter Modular Eloquencer

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