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Analogue Solutions Generator

Analogue Solutions Generator  ·  Source: Analogue Solutions


Having fulfilled all the preorders, Analogue Solutions can now announce that the second batch of Generator is now available for anyone to buy.



It’s a multi-function, 3 channel step-sequencer that’s going to have a go at being the control centre for your modular performance. Generator is designed for performance, for real-time mucking about, sequencing, pattern chaining and real-time voltage generation. It’s sleek and low while looking imposing on the desktop. The rows of lit knobs are rather fabulous and the strange row of triangles all adds to the allure of this high-performance sequencer.

In the box you get 3 channels of 16-step CV control. You can be running these out to oscillators for melody or any other CV destination for some modulation control. But Generator is not content with kicking out a repetition of 16 steps. It offers the ability to change patterns and vary them instantly through the front panel. Via a system called “Intuitive Real Time Gate Control” you can dial through different arrangements of gates that control the rhythm of your sequence. For further variation there’s a “Flipped Gate” output which outputs a mirrored copy of the gate output.

The strange row of triangles is all about voltage generation. They can be used to add voltage to sequences. So you could see them as transposing keys but they can be whatever you want. Each has a dedicated knob for setting the amount of voltage generation. There are further possibilities in that they are pressure sensitive and have CV outputs that respond to that pressure. You can add intensity and use them to create fills in your patterns, or they can be quantized to the nearest semi-tone for some melodic performance. Analogue Solutions really have packed the features into this unit.

Voltage Generator section

Voltage Generator section

Priced at £629 it has a premium price tag but one that justifies itself in the build quality and unparalleled feature set. This could be the modular performance controller that you’ve been looking for.

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Analogue Solutions Generator

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