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Malekko Quad LFO

Malekko Quad LFO  ·  Source: Malekko


4 channels of low-frequency oscillation are what you generally expect in a Quad LFO. But you don’t expect to find a 16-step sequencer. Malekko Heavy Industries new Quad LFO Generator could offer more than you bargained for.


Quad LFO Generator

Each of the 4 channels can send out oscillations in sine, ramp, saw and pulse waveforms. They can have their phase altered, level controlled and frequency set by the LED sliders. There’s also a “Distort” slider which moves from wavefold to bit-crush to adding noise to the signal. Malekko like to use a page system on their modules where all the controls affect one channel of the device. So you select the LFO channel using the buttons at the bottom and then use the 5 sliders to alter the parameters on that channel. This method enables them to get a lot of versatility and control into a small space, but it also means that the sliders never seem to represent the data as you switch channels.

The LFOs all have their own outputs and gate inputs for triggering. There are two trigger modes – individual or 2-4 following channel 1. With nothing plugged into the gates then they would run unhindered.

Malekko Quad LFO

Malekko Quad LFO

The sequencer is not about notes it’s about automation. You can record a sequence of parameter changes by holding the Record button. These will play back automatically as the Quad LFO cycles through the sequence. The direction can be changed from forward to reverse, pendulum and random. And you can switch the tempo between fast, slow and sync. If you pair it with a Varigate 4+ or 8+ you can save sequences as presets.

From initially seeing this release as a useful utility the waveshaping features and automation sequencer transform it into a very creative modulation device. The banks of controls take a little getting used to but it does enable 4 times the controls you would normally get into this space. It’s the perfect companion to the Varigate 4+ or 8+ and a really interesting modulation module for any rack.

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Malekko Quad LFO

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