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Malekko Varigate 8+

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The Varigate 8+ is designed to give 8 channels of step sequencing control over your whole modular system. With 16 steps per channel this could get you looking for more synth voices to add to your Eurorack.


Varigate 8+

Every modular synth needs a sequencer and there are several to choose from. Malekko have decided that what you really need is 8 channels of sequencing from the one compact module. The sequencing is achieved with the two columns of 8 horizontal sliders. Each has an embedded LED to let you know when it triggers on the selected channel. There’s also 2 CV outputs for customer scale quantisation. It comes with 100 channel presets and 10 storage banks for your own sequences.

There are a lot of features packed into the sequencer. There’s forward, reverse, pendulum and random options. You can dial in probability, repeat, delay and pulsewidth per channel. You can apply a random gate input for adding variation to a pattern. And all parameters can be randomised within a given range.

Hidden Steps

The amount of control this gives you over various estranged parts of your modular synth is pretty amazing. You’ve got to have a lot going on so that 8 channels are running at once. My only concern is that the sequencer sliders don’t really represent what’s going on. Once you move to a different channel then what they represented in the last channel is lost and you’re having to refind their place again. This is common for any gear with save and recall options or multiple sounds using a single set of controls. It’s just that one thing I like about step sequencer is the visualisation of that sequence and that might get a little bit lost here. However, you do get an awful lot of sequencing, with some very interesting and creative performance elements, in a small space.


The video below will blow your mind about what’s possible with the Varigate 8+:

It’s available for $549 and you’ll find more information on the Malekko website.

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Malekko Varigate 8+

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