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ST Modular Chasing Lights

ST Modular Chasing Lights  ·  Source: ST Modular


Chasing Lights offers 3 channels of analog 8-step trigger sequencing with channel chaining and clock dividing in a 22HP Eurorack module.


Chasing Lights

Chasing Lights is a refreshingly simple, direct and right-there-at-your-fingertips 3-channel drum machine, trigger sequencer or rhythm performer. Each channel has a row of 8 steps with on/off buttons, active LEDs and a channel trigger output. Patch it into 3 percussive sound sources, punch in the buttons you want to fire and let it go. Very performable.

There’s also a lot of clock shenanigans going on inside. Each channel can have its own external clock rate or they can share the same one which is also sent out to sync to other machines. The first Clock input is routed to a clock divider with 3 outputs and 6 divisions. There’s also something about varying the counting direction of the internal divider.

A Reset function is available for each channel and a “RST ALL” button restarts all the channels together on step one which can be handy for changing sequence lengths and whatnot. You can also hold this button to hold a single step.

Sequence lengths are handled by switches which give each channel 3 different lengths: 2, 3 and 8 for A, 5,6 and 8 for B and 5, 7 and 8 for C. This restriction is both a bit weird and quite fascinating.


There are some other cool features like a SUM output and that you can swap outputs B and C around for interesting variations. It’s also possible to chain all three channels one after the other to generate a single sequence of 24 steps. You can add an external chain to that for longer sequences.

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More Information

As always ST Modular packs in interesting features. Chasing Lights looks like a lot of fun and has the potential to run the percussion side of your system or bring rhythmic elements to triggering all sorts of things. The downside is that ST Modular only provides the PCBs and front panels and the rest you’ll have to source and build yourself including quite a bit of surface mount. However, kits and even fully built modules do become available through third party stores like Pusherman Productions. No news on the pricing yet.

ST Modular Chasing Lights

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