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Qu Bit Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO

Qu Bit Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO  ·  Source: Analogue Zone


Qu Bit are showing a handful of new modules at NAMM this year. Probably the most intriguing is the Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO. It uses a technique called Scanned Synthesis to animate and control wavetables in realtime.


Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO

Qu Bit talk about it being like a slowly vibrating string held in space. You then have control over the material properties of that string – a bit like physical modelling. But the vibrations are too slow to hear and so the system is “scanned” periodically to extract audible frequencies. Pitch and timbre are completely independent and it can be seen as a dynamic wavetable.

What you get in the Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO is a modifiable vibrating string that can be manipulated into all sorts of interesting timbres and textures. This sort of synthesis technology has only existed in software before, but with the DSP power this module it’s now possible to do it in hardware. The video below goes some way to explaining and demonstrating what’s possible but I imagine that there’s a whole lot more to be unearthed.

They describe it as a full voice with no need for a VCA or filter – it does all those sorts of things already. It should be available in May for $349.

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Qu Bit Scanned Organic Wavetable VCO

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