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Qu-Bit Contour

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We saw the Qu-Bit Contour briefly at NAMM a few weeks back. It’s now available and ready to ship and worth having a closer look at.



Envelopes are, of course, a staple of modular synthesis. Contour has four. They can be completely independent or chained up in new and interesting ways. Each channel has a looping mode and cycle times can be anywhere from 5ms to 20 minutes. The knobs on the front control attack and delay, which are both available for CV control. The shaping can be linear or exponential giving it some very tweakable possibilities. The top knob acts as an attenuverter so you can attenuate and invert the CV from +10 to -10v.

The chained envelope can be triggered at the end of the first envelope’s attack or decay stage. Although Contour only has Attack and Decay segments it is possible for it to act as an ASR where the attack stage will trigger but the module will not begin the release stage until the gate signal drops low.

Here’s the full feature set:

  • Cycle times ranging from 5ms to 20 minutes
  • CV over attack and decay
  • Looping mode
  • Linear and exponential shapes
  • Unique chaining capabilities
  • CV inputs +/- 5v
  • Takes gate and triggers
  • Acts as AD or ASR
  • 72 mA +12V
  • 29 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 20HP

It’s a wide module at 20HP but it does include 4 fully fledged out envelopes so it could easily replace any existing ones. The chaining capabilities make for some interesting possibilities – envelopes triggering envelopes sounds like something I could work with.

Contour is available now for $279 and will eat up 20HP of your rack. More information on the Qu-Bit Electronix website.

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