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Corsynth C111

Corsynth C111  ·  Source: Corsynth

Corsynth C111

Corsynth C111  ·  Source: Corsynth

Corsynth has released a quad analog envelope generator they are calling the C111 Multimode Contour Generator. It’s in the impressively tall and finger friendly Moog Unit modular format.


It has multiple modes and so isn’t stuck at being a regular envelope. The four channels can each be either an AD or ASR envelope but can be combined in pairs to form up to six types of envelope shape. Each envelope also has a loop mode which can transform each channel into an LFO. The range can go from 60Hz all the way down to one cycle every 15 seconds and if you combine two envelopes you can have some very long and evovlingly complex shapes going on.

The controls are very responsive with Attack times from 1ms to 5 seconds and Decay times from 20ms to 10 seconds. The Gates for A-B and C-D are internally wired so when used in combination you only have to gate the one. And you can use the individual outputs at the same time as the combined outputs giving you six simultaneous envelopes.

Corsynth C111

Corsynth C111

The C111 is a good looking and brilliantly useful module for any MU rack. For €265 it’s not badly priced either.

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