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ST Modular Envelope and Slopes

ST Modular Envelope and Slopes  ·  Source: ST Modular

ST Modular says you can never have enough envelopes and so comes up with the ENVELOPE ADSR/AR and the Quad slope generator SLOPES.


This features the classic shape and sliders of a 4-stage ADSR envelope with modulation times ranging from a Fast mode of 1ms to a Slow mode of half a minute. Each stage has a shape control to switch between logarithmic and exponential response curves and also a CV input with attenuation. All good, solid envelope stuff but there’s more to it.

There’s an internal gating and modulation source which can turn Envelope into a looping envelope with CV controllable phases. The internal LFO can be square or triangle and patched to any stage of the envelope. The LFO can be reset by an incoming gate.

The ADSR can become a simpler AR envelope via the TRIG/GATE switch which effectively removes the Sustain stage and you get a triggered AR instead. There’s a handy CV input that can change both stages at once.

To round it off it has a built in VCA so you can plug in some audio and have it enveloped out the other side.

The LEDs in the sliders make it a usefully visual envelope but then everything about this module is useful.


ADSR envelopes are often wasted in quick sequences and melodic lines and that’s where a slope generator can come in. SLOPES is essentially 4 AR envelopes, or Rise and Fall, which give you just the attack and decay part of an envelope and are not interested in how long you hold the note.

As with all ST Modular modules there’s some clever stuff going on. Along with outputs for each slope you get a pair of mix outputs that combine 2 slopes together for more interesting shapes. It has an internal LFO which gives a further modulated waveform at the Shape outputs. One other super power is the Clock input which sends triggers to all 4 slopes according to its time division so you can have them all firing at different times within divisions of the clock.

As 4 AR envelopes it’s a useful module but the additional features could make it a very creative part of your rig.

As usual ST Modular only sell the PCB and front panels so the rest of the build and sourcing is down to you. Although some dealers will put together a kit for you or even sell them built.

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