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VoidModular HexAR

VoidModular HexAR  ·  Source: VoidModular


HexAR is a densely packed 6-channel AR envelope generator that loops when unoccupied and mixes into strange and interesting LFOs.



Envelopes don’t have to be complicated and often all we need is the Attack and Release to craft our bleeps and bloops, leads and basslines. HexAR has 6 AR envelopes which should do the job nicely.

Each envelope has an output attenuverter so you can jam it into anything and have full control over the amount and direction of voltage being applied. If there’s nothing plugged into the trigger input then each AR envelope becomes an LFO. The up/down triangles of bedazzlement flicker and pulse brilliantly with the rise and fall of the cycle.

Along with the individual outputs for each envelope you’ve also got some mix outputs at the bottom. You can blend together envelopes 1-3, 4-6 or the lot and these are all visualised with some more marvellously flashing triangles. It’s pretty exciting just for the light show.


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Looks like a really useful module to have in your rack. No news on pricing just yet but all VoidModular modules are very affordable. Should be out very soon.

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VoidModular HexAR

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