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AI Synthesis AI003

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AI Synthesis have released their 3rd module for Eurorack. Following on from their AI001 Multiple and AI002 Mixer this time we’re generating looping envelopes with the AI003. 



So what does a looping envelope generator do? It’s an ADSR and can be used as a regular envelope in the usual and familiar way. But it has a loop mode which essentially re-triggers the AD part of the envelope once it reaches the end. This produces a variable exponential waveshape between saw/tri/ramp. The module was derived from a circuit posted on the forum by a user called Nicolas. AI have used it with permission to create the AI003. It’s not immensely complex but it has an edge over most envelope generators in the re-triggering and that it’s remarkably good value when bought in kit form.


AI Synthesis are all about modular making. The AI003 is available in various kit forms, from the PCB only, or PCB and panel, full kit or a fully built and testing module ready to go. AI’s founder, Abe Ingle, also has a mission to help and guide people into building their own synthesizer. With all their kits they provide step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. They’ve also put together a useful guide to getting started in DIY modular building.

For synth enthusiasts who don’t have much cash to invest in a modular system AI Synthesis could offer a positive way in. They plan to release kits of filters, oscillators and (something that I find very interesting) euclidian sequencers in the near future and so will be building up a decent catalogue.


You can pick up the PCB for just $15. The full kit is $65 or if you want it built for you then that’ll be an extra $30. More information available on their website.

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AI Synthesis AI003

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3 responses to “DIY Looping Envelope Generator: AI003 from AI Synthesis”

    abe says:

    Small Correction – in loop mode, only the Attack and Decay loop, forming a variable exponential waveshape between saw/tri/ramp. Great article!

      Robin Vincent says:

      Aha – i’ve updated the article. I couldn’t quite grasp what that meant from the website so i stuck with the easiest interpretation. I get what you’re saying now – thanks!

    Gregory S says:

    The sustain remaining high unless closed is a useful feature!

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