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Joranalogue Contour 1

Joranalogue Contour 1  ·  Source: Joranalogue

A slew limiter slows down the rate of voltage change in a signal and commonly acts as an envelope. The Contour 1 goes into all sorts of slew related modes and functions to become a multifunctional Swiss-Army knife of a module.

Contour 1

Envelopes are where this is perhaps most familiar. You have a “Rise” which acts like the attack and a “Fall” which acts as the decay or release. You can get some snappy envelopes down to tiny time intervals or slope it up to about 30 seconds. These can be triggered manually or triggered or gated (introducing some sustain) via CV and you can bend the slopes from concave to linear to convex. But this is just the beginning. You can send out gates that follow the rise or fall, or you can mix in other signals to further shape and manipulate that envelope shape.

As a Slew Limiter you can take any stepped input and smooth it out into something more organic. As you push the rise and fall apart then all sorts of shapes and rhythms can be generated from a Sample and Hold input. Using the Hold input you can also freeze the signal at any point.

Then with a flick of the Loop switch it can become an LFO and you can start bending it to approximate sine waves and triangles or whatever you fancy. Switch that up to audio rate and what do you know it’s become a VCO. Or if you stick audio through it you’ll find it operates as a reshaping low pass filter. Or you can use it to detect the incoming envelope, or maybe you just want to divide the incoming frequency.

Joranalogue Contour 1

Joranalogue Contour 1

Contour 1 can be bent into all sorts of increasingly useful and complex applications. With just a couple of sliders and knobs it all looks simple enough but in the right hands and with an open and experimental mind it can quickly become the most useful module in your rack.

It’s available now for a very reasonable €195.

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