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Qu-Bit Surface

Qu-Bit Surface  ·  Source: Qu-Bit

Qu-Bit Surface

Qu-Bit Surface  ·  Source: Qu-Bit

Revealed at NAMM but now shipping is the Qu-Bit Surface multi-timbral physical modelling Eurorack voice for plucks, strikes, bangs, chokes and spatialized stereo.


The quick 1-minute demo video is really interesting. It aptly shows the range of possibilities that Surface can offer from harps and pure tones, through rattling strings and edgy twangs, melodic percussion and onto zaps and weirdness. It’s the first time I’ve grasped what a Qu-Bit module can do in under 1-minute!

Under the Surface you have a number of different physical models including a plucked string, prepared piano and an assortment of melodic percussion. The use of the term “multi-timbral” is a little misleading because it makes you think you can address different sounds independently when what I think they mean is that within the context of the 8 notes of polyphony you can change modes and the previous model will continue to sound. What you do have is this marvellous decay and ringing out of sounds that are so popular with modules like the Mutable Instrument Rings.

You have control over tuning, Tone, Strike, Model and Decay which can all be CV controlled. You also have a Choke input to put a halt to the ringing sounds, a Trigger input to excite things and a single V/Oct input for pitch. The stereo output is interesting and they mention that they have “configurable spatialization modes” but don’t really explain or demonstrate what that means.

Qu-Bit is not particularly prolific in their sound demos or videos so we’re just having to go with the 1-minute overview but it looks like Surface has a lot of potential for bringing some interesting, beautiful and organic tones into your rack.

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